Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 59
� Environmental Law
Titel:Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 59 � Environmental Law
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Serie:Scandinavian Studies in Law nr. 59
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This 59th volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law addresses environmental law, primarily reflecting the development in the Nordic countries.

Environmental issues have a relatively long history in the region. The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (The Stockholm Conference) in 1972 and the establishment of the World Commission on Environment and Development (The Brundtland Commission) in the 1980s were important events. Environmental law was also acknowledged as an academic discipline at an early stage and all these factors have stimulated research and paved the ground for practical activities.

At present the environment is a focal topic in the political discourse and this compilation provides an updated legal perspective of some of the core issues. Three sub-themes of environmental law are presented, here loosely identified as “Energy”, “Resource efficiency” and “Method”.

The editorial board of Scandinavian Studies in Law is attached to the Stockholm University Law Faculty. The book series was first presented in 1957. It is published by a non-profit trust and each volume focuses on a specific legal discipline.

Table of Contents

The Conditions for Future Energy-Smart Water Utilities under EU and Danish Law and Policy
Ellen Margrethe Basse
Nord Stream, the Environment and the Law: Disentangling a Multijurisdictional Energy Project David Langlet
International Environmental Law Perspective on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Development
Katak Malla

Resource Efficiency
Promoting Energy and Resource Efficiency through the Ecodesign Directive
Carl Dalhammar
Basic Legal Principles in Water Management Regimes –the Water Basin Principle
Erkki J. Hollo
Adaptive Management of EU Marine Ecosystems – About Time to Include Fishery
Gabriel Michanek and Anna Christiernsson

The Value of Proactive Methodological Approaches for Understanding Environmental Law
Aðalheiður Jóhannsdóttir
Planetary Boundaries and the Matching of International Treaty Regimes
Jonas Ebbesson
Methods of Environmental Law Research in Finland Kai Kokko
Four Points on Point four: Implementing Environmental Quality Standards in Sweden
Christina Olsen Lundh
Effective Justice? Synthesis Report of the Study on the Implementation of Articles 9.3 and 9.4 of the Aarhus Convention in the Member States of the European Union
Jan Darpö

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