The Future of EU Constitutionalism
Författare:Avbelj Matej , red.
Titel:The Future of EU Constitutionalism
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Serie: Modern Studies in European Law
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Is there a real and meaningful future for EU constitutionalism? This collection explores this question in light of recent challenges to EU constitutional law; namely the pandemic and the political schisms emerging across the European Union. The contributors explore the question through the prism of the five main pillars of EU constitutionalism: the constitutional values, the EU formal constitutional framework, its substance consisting of the EU political and economic constitution, and conclude by looking at the foundational concept of sovereignty (national and European) in a global realm. Drawing on expertise from both 'old' and 'new' Europe, it gives voice to the most fundamental question facing the Union in its second half century.

Table of Contents

1. What Future for EU Constitutionalism?
Matej Avbelj (New University, Slovenia)

2. The Burden of the European Constitution
Neil Walker (University of Edinburgh, UK)

3. Common Values, Europe's Indeterminate Nature and Enduring Sovereignty
Alun Gibbs (University of Southampton, UK)

4. Values, Constitutionalism and the Viability of European Integration
Matej Avbelj (New University, Slovenia)

5. Constructive Misunderstandings – How the PSPP Conflict was Eventually Settled and How it Reflects Constitutional Pluralism
Mattias Wendel (Leipzig University, Germany)

6. Jeffersonian Federalism and Constitutional Conflicts
Giuseppe Martinico (Scuola Superiore Sant ' Anna, Italy)

7. The European Union and its Three Constitutional Problems
Sacha Garben (College of Europe, Belgium)

8. The EU Economic Constitution aft er COVID-19 and 'Next Generation EU'
Federico Fabbrini (Dublin City University, Ireland)

9. Eppur Esiste!: Legitimacy and Longevity in the EU's Long Decade of Crisis
Cormac Mac Amhlaigh (University of Edinburgh, UK)

10. As Beyond, So Below: European Sovereignty and Economic Globalisation
Daniel Augenstein (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)

11. European Sovereignty and Extraterritorial Application of Foreign Legislation
Katarina Vatovec (New University, Slovenia)
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