The Max Planck Handbooks in European Public Law
� Volume III: Constitutional Adjudication: Institutions
Författare:von Bogdandy Armin , Huber Peter , Grabenwarter Christoph , red.
Titel:The Max Planck Handbooks in European Public Law � Volume III: Constitutional Adjudication: Institutions
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
Serie:Max Planck Handbooks in European Public Law
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The Max Planck Handbooks in European Public Law describe and analyse public law of the European legal space, an area that encompasses not only the law of the European Union but also the European Convention on Human Rights and, importantly, the domestic public laws of European states. Recognizing that the ongoing vertical and horizontal processes of European integration make legal comparison the task of our time for both scholars and practitioners, the series aims to foster the development of a specifically European legal pluralism and to contribute to the legitimacy and efficiency of European public law.

The first volume of the series began this enterprise with an appraisal of the evolution of the state and its administration, offering both cross-cutting contributions and specific country reports. The third volume (the second in chronological terms) continues this approach with an in-depth appraisal of constitutional adjudication in various and diverse European countries. Fourteen country reports and two cross-cutting contributions investigate the antecedents, foundations, organization, procedure, and outlook of constitutional adjudicators throughout the Continent. They include countries with powerful constitutional courts, jurisdictions with traditional supreme courts, and states with small institutions and limited ex ante review. In keeping with the focus on a diverse but unified legal space, each report also details how its institution fits into the broader association of constitutional courts that, through dialogue and conflict, brings to fruition the European legal space. Together, the chapters of this volume provide a strong and diverse foundation for this dialogue to flourish.

Max Planck Handbooks in European Public Law

- The first series to address all aspects of European Public Law from a comparative perspective;

- An in-depth appraisal of the history, organization, and procedure of constitutional adjudication in European states, written by leading scholars from the respective countries, following common parameters

- The continuation of a novel, multi-faceted, and versatile concept that respects both European integration and diversity - the European Legal Space

Table of Contents:

1:Constitutional Adjudication in the European Legal Space, Armin von Bogdandy, Peter M Huber, Christoph Grabenwarter,

2:The Austrian Constitutional Court, Christoph Grabenwarter

3:The Belgian Constitutional Court, Christian Behrendt

4:The Constitutional Court of Czechia, David Kosa and Ladislav Vyhnánek

5:Constitutional Review in Finland, Kaarlo Tuori

6:1. Constitutional Justice in France, Olivier Jouanjan

7:1. The German Federal Constitutional Court, Anuscheh Farahat

8:The Constitutional Court of Hungary, László Sólyom

9:The Italian Constitutional Court, Raffaele Bifulco and Davide Paris

10:The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia, Ineta Ziemele, Alla Spale, and Laila Jurcena

11:Constitutional Adjudication in the Netherlands, Leonard Besselink

12:The Polish Constitutional Tribunal, Piotr Tuleja

13:The Portuguese Constitutional Court, Maria Lúcia Amaral and Ravi Afonso Pereira

14:The Spanish Constitutional Tribunal, Juan Luis Requejo Pagés

15:Constitutional Adjudication in Switzerland, Giovanni Biaggini

16:The Influence of the United States Supreme Sourt on Judicial Review in Europe, Peter E Quint
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