Global Data Strategies
� A Handbook
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Titel:Global Data Strategies � A Handbook
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Inherently Global: Data Strategies Worldwide.

The Paramount Role of Data as a resource and driver for innovation within modern digitalised societies is increasingly being acknowledged by policymakers.States, supranational institutions, and international organisations find themselves in a global »competition« foradequate data governance frameworks. Consequently, DataStrategies worldwide shape political approaches and determineboth the usage of data and the associated societal value.

The Present Work aims to contribute to a well-founded discourse on current(and future) data strategies. It pursues a multi-dimensional approach, combining insights from academia and (governmental) practice as well as legal and economic viewpoints. Data strategies from both the »Global North« and the »GlobalSouth« are covered. The international and comparative focus allows in particular for a discussion on regulatory convergenceand dissonance.

The Advantages at a Glance concise insights into global developments in data policy
comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives on datastrategies
global economic and societal implications of data governance

The Target Group
Academics, politicians, policymakers, members of national andsupranational public authorities as well as international institutions ,attorneys, company and business association lawyers.
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