Handbook on European Union Public Administration
Författare:Brandsma Gijs Jan , red.
Titel:Handbook on European Union Public Administration
Anmärkning:Publication Date: May 2024
Omfång:406 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk
Serie:Elgar Handbooks in Public Administration and Management
Ämnesord:EU-rätt , Offentlig rätt

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This Handbook is your one-stop shop for navigating public administration in the European Union, and understanding how its governance differs vastly from that of unitary states. Gijs Jan Brandsma compiles a diverse range of perspectives to assess the ever-changing institutional architecture of the EU, paying close attention to the interlinking mechanisms between the supranational, national and subnational level.

Encompassing the institutions, organisations and policy processes that make up EU public administration, it critically reviews existing literature and presents avenues for future research. Contributors consider a broad spectrum of theoretical approaches to the topic, including federalism, institutionalism, constructivism and organisational theory. The Handbook introduces and discusses specific aspects of European public administration, in particular EU-level institutions, agencies, committees and networks, and their impact on EU governance. Chapters also analyse different stages of the policy cycle and issues surrounding the legitimacy of EU public administration.

This essential Handbook is a vital resource for graduate and postgraduate students in the disciplines of European studies, political science and EU law. It will also be of great benefit to academics and public administration practitioners interested in expanding their knowledge of public management, policy and governance.

‘The public administration of the European Union is particularly difficult to grasp, intellectually and empirically, due to its horizontal and vertical complexity. Brandsma and his contributors are on target with this stellar volume that turns every possible stone to unveil how the EU public administration works.’
– Claudio M. Radaelli, European University Institute, Italy and University College London, UK

‘Unlike other Handbooks, the chapters of the Handbook on European Union Public Administration are held together by a commitment to both empirical discovery and theoretical innovation. This is not a simple “state of the art” approach, but rather a concerted effort by top-rated scholars to push the research frontier forward. Highly recommended.’
– Mark Rhinard, Stockholm University, Sweden

‘Like it or not, public administration matters. And the EU is by no means an exception. This compendium brings together a fine selection from the “who is who” of EU public administration scholars. In an easily accessible way, the Handbook sheds light on state-of-the art normative, institutionalist and policy research on EU public administration. Highly recommended for administrators, academics, students, and everybody interested in better understanding how the EU works today.’
– Dirk Leuffen, University of Konstanz, Germany

‘This Handbook on European Union Public Administration, authored by outstanding researchers, provides essential insights into the intricate workings of EU administrative governance, covering theoretical perspectives, institutional insights, policy processes, and legitimacy issues. An indispensable Handbook for scholars and practitioners studying EU bureaucracy and multilevel policymaking.’
– Michael W. Bauer, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
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