Institutions of Law
� An Essay in Legal Theory
Författare:MacCormick Neil
Titel:Institutions of Law � An Essay in Legal Theory
Omfång:317 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Part I: Norm, Institution and Order
1. On Normative Order
2. On Institutional Order
3. Law and the Constitutional State
4. A Problem: Rules or Habits?

Part II: Legal Positions and Relations
5. On Persons
6. Wrongs and Duties
7. Rights and Obligations
8. Legal Relations and Things: Property
9. Legal Powers and Validity

Part III: Law State and Civil Society
10. Powers and Public Law: Law and Politics
11. Constraints on Power: Fundamental Rights
12. Criminal Law and Civil Society: Law and Morality
13. Private Law and Civil Society: Law and Economy

Part IV: Law, Value and Method
14. Positive Law and Moral Autonomy
15. On Law and Justice
16. Laws and Values: Reflections on Method
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