Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 50
� What is Scandinavian Law? - Social Private Law
Titel:Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 50 � What is Scandinavian Law? - Social Private Law
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Serie:Scandinavian Studies in Law nr. 50
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The first part of this 50th volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law is related to a core issue from the viewpoint of the purposes and ambitions of the series, viz. What is Scandinavian Law?

The second part addresses a range of issues related to the regulation of fundamental conditions of community life under the label of Social Private Law. This includes components associated with among other things what is known as the welfare state, a conception often attributed to the Scandinavian countries.

As a whole the collection provides a broad and multi-dimensional description of Scandinavian law today. Contributors are both outside observers and “internal” writers, and the volume should be an indispensable source for anyone interested in learning more about current Scandinavian legal culture. The majority of the articles that are included were originally presented at two workshops held in 2007.

The establishment of the series Scandinavian Studies in Law was an important initiative to manifest the fiftieth anniversary of the Stockholm Law Faculty in 1957. Consequently, the fiftieth anniversary of Scandinavian Studies in Law in 2007 coincides with the Centennial Jubilee of the Faculty.


What is Scandinavian Law?

What is Scandinavian Law?
by Ulf Bernitz

Non-contractual Obligations in the Nordic Countries: a European’s Perspective
by Christian von Bar

Small Claims Enforcement in a High Cost Country:
The German Insurance Ombudsman
by Jürgen Basedow

What is Scandinavian Law? English Lawyers Look at Swedish and Norwegian Insurance Law
by Hugh Beale and Hazra Khanom

Sweden’s Contribution to Governance of the Judiciary
by John Bell

Nordic Law in the Early 21st Century – Maritime Law
by Lars Gorton

The Scandinavian Law of Obligations
by Viggo Hagstrøm

A Scandinavian Approach to Corporate Governance
by Jesper Lau Hansen

Pro-Active Comparative Law: The Case Of Nordic Law
by Ewoud Hondius

Scandinavian Law in Practical Implication: Characteristic Features, Solutions of International Interest, Social Dimension
by Ole Lando

Unique Features in Swedish Tax Law
by Gustaf Lindencrona

Harmonization or Separation?
Deep Structures in Nordic Legal Cultures
by Kjell Å Modéer

EU Public Procurement Law and Nordic Labour Law – Recent Developments and Future Challenges
by Ruth Nielsen

Scandinavian Idea of Informational Fairness in Law –
Encounters of Scandinavian and European
Freedom of Information and Copyright Law
by Tuomas Pöysti

The Hidden Secrets of Scandinavian Contract Law
by Christina Ramberg

The Vanishing Scandinavian Sales Law
by Jan Ramberg

The Nordic Countries in the Vanguard of European Family Law
by Jens M. Scherpe

Questioning the Questionnaire: The Unheard Message from Scandinavian Tort Law
by Mårten Schultz

The Scandinavians: Reluctant and Enthusiastic Club Members
by Stig Strömholm

Scandinavian Financial Law
by Philip R Wood

Social Private Law

Introduction - Developments of Social Private Law in Sweden
by Johanna Schiratzki

Spouses’ Pension Rights & Financial Settlement in Case of a Divorce
by Margareta Brattström

From Status via Contract and Social Private Law to the Free Movement – Regulation of Domestic Work in Sweden
by Catharina Calleman

The Growth of Social Private Law
by Kent Källström

Silencing the Conflict of Interests between Parental Rights and the Rights of the Child? Legal Requirements for the Social Services to Interview Children
by Anna Kaldal & Pernilla Leviner

Legal Information Supply and the Digital Divide
by Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg

Long Term Contracts Between Unequal Parties in Sweden – a Comparison between Contracts of Employment, Franchising, Consumer Insurance and Residential Lease
by Jonas Malmberg

Compensation for Victims in Public Legislation and as a Civil Right
by Ruth Mannelqvist

Children and Advertising – a Swedish Perspective
on the Relevant Legal Arguments
by Lena Olsen

Over-indebtedness – a Growing Problem
by Annina H Persson

Gender in Court – in the Best Interests of the Child?
A Report from a Research Project on Adjudication of
Parental Responsibility in Swedish Courts
by Johanna Schiratzki

From Person to Party – the Fundamental Problem
of Social Private Law
by Bo Wennström

The “Social” in Social Law
– An Analysis of a Concept in Disguise
by Mauro Zamboni

Some Commercial Aspects on Labour Law
by Sören Öman
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