AI in eHealth
� Human Autonomy, Data Governance and Privacy in Healthcare
Författare:Corrales Compagnucci Marcelo , red.
Titel:AI in eHealth � Human Autonomy, Data Governance and Privacy in Healthcare
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Förlag:Cambridge University Press
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Serie:Cambridge Bioethics and Law
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The emergence of digital platforms and the new application economy are transforming healthcare and creating new opportunities and risks for all stakeholders in the medical ecosystem. Many of these developments rely heavily on data and AI algorithms to prevent, diagnose, treat, and monitor diseases and other health conditions. A broad range of medical, ethical and legal knowledge is now required to navigate this highly complex and fast-changing space. This collection brings together scholars from medicine and law, but also ethics, management, philosophy, and computer science, to examine current and future technological, policy and regulatory issues. In particular, the book addresses the challenge of integrating data protection and privacy concerns into the design of emerging healthcare products and services. With a number of comparative case studies, the book offers a high-level, global, and interdisciplinary perspective on the normative and policy dilemmas raised by the proliferation of information technologies in a healthcare context.

- Deepens our understanding of regulatory responses to disruptive technological, economic, legal, and social developments

- Offers a model of how an interdisciplinary perspective can illuminate the intersection of law and technology

- Includes local, national, and regional case studies of legislation, guidelines, policy initiatives, and public or private projects

Table of Contents

1. Mapping the Digital Healthcare Revolution Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Mark Fenwick, Michael Lowery Wilson, Nikolaus Forgó and Till Bärnighausen

Part I. Platforms, Apps & Digital Health:

2. Technology-Driven Disruption of Healthcare & UI Layer Privacy-by-Design Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Mark Fenwick, Helena Haapio, Timo Minssen and Erik P.M. Vermeulen
3. Social Media Platforms as Public Health Arbiters: Global Ethical Considerations on Privacy, Legal and Cultural Issues Associated with Suicide Detection Algorithm Karen Celedonia, Michael Lowery Wilson and Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci
4. Promoting the Use of PHR by Citizens and Physicians – Proposed Design for a Token to be Allocated to Citizens Shinto Teramoto

Part II. Trust & Design:

5. Privacy Management in eHealth Using Contextual Consenting Yki Kortesniemi and Päivi Pöyry-Lassila
6. Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection Law Thomas Hören and Maurice Niehoff
7. AI Technologies and Accountability in Digital Health Eva Thelisson

Part III. Knowledge, Risk & Control:

8. The Principle of Transparency in Medical Research: Applying Big Data Analytics to Electronic Health Records Nikolaus Forgó and Marie-Catherine Wagner
9. The Next Challenge for Data Protection Law: AI Revolution in Automated Scientific Research Janos Meszaros
10. A Global Human-Rights Approach to Medical Artificial Intelligence Audrey Lebret

Part IV. Balancing Regulation, Innovation & Ethics:

11. Doctors without Borders? The Law Applicable to Cross-Border eHealth Services and AI-based Medicine Jan D. Lüttringhaus
12. Barriers to Artificial Intelligence in Hospitals and Arguments for Developing a hospital-specific AI Readiness Index Maximilian Schuessler, Till Bärnighausen and Anant Jani
13. Regulating the Benefits of eHealth – Information Disclosure Duties in the Age of AI Marc Stauch
14. Privacy and Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests Dena Dervanović
15. Health Research, eHealth and Learning Healthcare Systems: Key Approaches, Shortcomings and Design Issues in Data Governance Shawn Harmon.
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